Long Time Reader, First Time Emailer

 - by TheOCPDiva

In case you missed my post about how difficult is to be a blogger, consider this your reminder.

In the year since I have become a blogger, the majority of my inspiration has been drawn from my life as a working mother of two young boys. Which officially classifies this place as a “Mommy Blog.”

Did you even know that such a genre existed?

I didn’t.

If find yourself searching for more potty humor, temper tantrum reenactments, and vulgarity you should check out Top Mommy Blogs. Clearly, the intention of this website is to prove that misery does in fact love company.

The internet is a powerful place, but not as powerful as threatening your children with revoking privileges like the TV, the iPad or even better, starvation. If the fear of not being allowed to eat Teddy Grahams forces my children to nap, just imagine the impact that they could have on our country.

Has anyone ever asked a Teddy Graham to find a cure for cancer?

Would Teddy Grahams have been able to save Kim Kardashian’s marriage?

Couldn’t we solve this whole international financial crisis if we just simply abandoned the dollar, euro, pound, rupee and peso and converted to the Teddy Graham?

Problem solved.

The only thing that requires more creativity than blogging, is parenting.

I work full time and I blog part time-ish. Which, makes me wonder if working and blogging could be one in the same? I would have to rename, redesign and remarket the blog if I wanted to make any money. Blogging full time would also require a lot more writing, reading, following and networking. As in writing daily instead of weekly, reading a lot of blogs then following those blog’s favorite blogs, and networking at blogging conferences.

If this were to happen, new restrictions on the content of the blog would also have to be enforced. My family (including my husband who doesn’t even read this $hit) are already extremely concerned with the level of detail provided about my personal life. My parents think that sexual predators are targeting my family because of the pictures and videos that are shared.

I tend to agree with their concerns because, well…the boys are seriously cute.

So, yes naturally they would be the target of any creepers. But, I already fight off the paranoia of molesters in rusty old vans without windows and yellow stained mattresses in the back seat during routine trips to Target. So, how much harder could that fight be after engaging oh, I don’t know the entire US population? Not that hard when you’ve got a last name like mine.

How many failed “Munska” Google searches do you think actually land you here? Probably not very many. Maybe the Polacks are smarter than I thought?

So, while I think that listening to my parent’s advice is generally a good idea, I have chosen to ignore their concerns about my blog…for now. Just like I chose to ignore the fact that they believe microwaves cause cancer, chiropractors paralyze their patients, and making online purchases will lead to credit card fraud.  

Inevitably, if my blog evolved into something greater, the  pictures and videos would be eliminated.  What are your thoughts?

In case you haven’t noticed, the “Good Reads” section to the right lists my favorite blogs. In an attempt to reach out to one of my mentors in the blogosphere, the below email was written to Lincee Ray of I Hate Green Beans.

If you are a fan of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, and you don’t read Lincee’s recap the day after a new episode has aired, then your first born daughter deserves to be named Vienna.


You + me = BFF (in a girl crush, fellow blogger, TV lover kind of way)

Our make believe friendship has stood the test of time. Through thick and thin, we can always count on each other. When my depression is at it’s worst every Friday night, you have been the one to console me. Life without Coach Taylor is proving to be more difficult than expected. Thank you for your support and understanding.

Likewise, when you wonder why our plot to have OHCH’s (Our Host Chris Harrison) wife file for divorce didn’t work (see Rozlyn scandal and accusations), my shoulder has been there for you to cry on. Next time, we will pay a different broad to carry out our master plan…and it will work. Then, I will be the maid of honor at your wedding, when OHCH becomes YHCH (Your Husband Chris Harrison).

Please don’t be scared of me.

Although this submission is late, I would like to think that the picture of my youngest son, Ben, in his Halloween costume would have made the cut for your “We Didn’t Participate In That” post. This link will take you to my blog where he is proudly showcased in his costume and where you can read more about love for gnomes.

And if you really have time, and are looking for a good laugh please read the “Popular Posts” listed on the top right hand corner of my blog.

Ok, enough shameless plugs for my blog.

Has anyone told you lately how pretty you are? Your hair looks GREAT today! Oh, and I love your outfit too. Did you know I have a blog?

Also, please tell me your thoughts on David Good writing a book. I address this in the “Spotted” section at the bottom of this post.

Lastly, you have seen this right? OHCH YHCH has a new gig!

You Deserve It

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts Can’t Lose…


I was right, we practically are BFF. I mean, acquaintances, great aunts and fearful bloggers with internet stalkers don’t respond to emails within four hours do they? I don’t think so.

Here are the reasons why you should check out the other “Good Reads.”

Young House Love:

This young couple, who owns a house, and remodels it with love and a do-it-yourself attitude (hence the name) is a true inspiration when it comes to blogging. They are practically blogging royalty. I am pretty sure that if I lived in Richmond, Virginia I would become the predator that my parents have warned me about.

Here is a post they wrote about how they have made blogging profitable. Cha Ching!

The Bloggess:

Her love of giant metal chickens far surpasses my silly obsession with gnomes.

Read this.

Then, read this.

The Mommy Therapy:

Leslie is her name. Recipe-ish is her game.

Once a week, she writes a letter to a celebrity instructing them how to make a recipe while adding a cup of insult, a teaspoon of sarcasm and a pinch of humor. Every time I read a Recipe-ish, I wish that I would have thought of the idea. In this installment, she instructs Pitbull how to make really good Stuffed Tomatoes.

PS- Did I mention that Leslie is my sister? Which means, I should have named this previous post “Seven Degrees Of Almost Famous.” What…you didn’t know I had a sister? Well, guess what? According to Wikipedia, I have over 210,000 initiated sisters. Theta love.

Mommy Wants Vodka:

This broad is hilarious. She refers to herself as Aunt Becky, her children as crotch parasites and her readers as pranksters. Need I say more? Ok, I need to. She believes that Uncrustables have the power to bring world peace and that Sky Mall shouldn’t be limited to just the friendly skies. Plus, she manages to always throw in a finely placed motherf#cker for good measure.

She is my Mommy Blog sensei.

Blog on. Blog off.

Read this.

Band Back Together:

Aunt Becky isn’t a total bitch. She has a heart. So much so that I was inspired to submit last week’s post to her wonderful internet community. We will have to wait and see if I (we) get published!

Dad Or Alive:

Remember when all of you fellow mommies sang kumbaya along with me at the beginning of this post? Well, here is the proof that the daddies are funny to. Especially the stay at home kind.


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